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Benefits of Vinyl Windows










Your home is a prime candidate for replacement windows if it was built more than seven years ago with either aluminum or wood. Back then, less thought was given to energy-saving windows partly because energy was inexpensive. Homes were built quickly with inefficient single pane or inadequate double pane windows. Many builders installed windows back then that would not even pass today's building codes! Home Craftsman vinyl windows and PowerPane glass technology were simply unavailable.
Vynal Trend Chart

Click on the graph above to enlarge, showing how vinyl continues to displace both wood and aluminum as the material of choice for window design.

Meanwhile, energy costs continue to rise. Locally, natural gas prices have increased about 8% from a year ago, and electricity costs have gone up about 9%. Energy costs are likely to continue to increase in the future. Utility officials recommend that homeowners take steps to make their homes more energy efficient to reduce their heating bills and cut air conditioning costs. Replacing old fashioned, conventional steel, aluminum, or wood windows with our energy-saving vinyl products is a substantive home improvement that will reap long-term energy savings.

Vinyl windows dominate the replacement and remodeling market. Every year, more vinyl windows are installed than any other window type. The upward trend is projected to continue, displacing aluminum and all wood window types. New window materials, such as fiberglass and composite products continue to grow. Windows made with these new materials join vinyl in displacing conventional aluminum and wood windows.

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